Mentorship and guidance can be incredibly helpful when recovering from diabetes. A mentorship relationship can provide support, accountability, and motivation during the challenging recovery process. Along with offering advice and guidance based on their own experience with diabetes, one-on-one mentorship can help you develop healthy habits, stick to your treatment plan, and make lifestyle changes that will support your recovery.

Mentorship Program

The We Are Diabetes Mentorship Program is a FREE peer mentoring service available to individuals committed to recovering from ED-DMT1 (dual diagnosis of type 1 diabetes and an eating disorder). Our Mentors provide safe, confidential support as they work to encourage and guide their mentees towards their goal of solid and permanent eating disorder recovery.

This Program is available to any persons (aged 14 and older) living with type 1 diabetes who is working towards (or is in early stages of) recovery from an eating disorder. Participants are matched with one of our trained WAD Mentors and will work with their mentor through preferred forms of communication (phone, text, video chat) on a weekly basis.

The WAD Mentorship program reduces the sense of isolation many experience in their day-to-day management of their chronic illness and their eating disorder recovery.

Engaging in peer support allows people living with type 1 diabetes to exchange personal experiences and receive emotional support. We have also found it to be an integral part to a full and lasting recovery from ED-DMT1.

Multiple studies suggest that peer support engagement can be an important factor in better overall diabetes management, self-care and a higher quality of life. Our friends at ADCES offer some wonderful insight to the importance of peer support and have a great list of diabetes peer support communities

Preliminary Requirements for Participation: 

  • You are of age 14 or older.

  • You are actively working on recovering from ED-DMT1.

  • You have an endocrinologist or primary care MD that is managing your diabetes care.*

  • You see or are making an appointment to regularly see a mental health provider (Psychologist and/or Psychiatrist).*

* If you need assistance locating an endocrinologist and/or mental health provider, We Are Diabetes can assist with this prior to program start. 


Our Mentors are comprised of past clients of We Are Diabetes as well as individuals who have successfully navigated through their first two years of recovery and have “graduated” from WAD’s mentorship training. WAD Mentors work with their Mentee’s on a weekly basis through text, email and video conferencing to support them through their challenging journey to stable recovery. 

Kathlin G.

More About Kathlin

Kathlin discovered her passion for helping others once she found her own solid recovery from diabulimia over four years ago. She is now a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Educator!  

Kathlin is also the Southeast Regional Outreach Representative for We Are Diabetes. She is committed to helping others find life beyond their eating disorder and constantly inspires others to continue fighting for recovery!

In her free time Kathlin loves to bake, play with her three cats, laugh at goat memes and drink tea while watching “Dateline”

Jenny M.

More About Jenny

Diagnosed with Type 1 in ‘91, Jenny developed an eating disorder late in the game in 2001 at the age of 27. 

Her eating disorder wreaked havoc in her life intermittently for 15 years. During her last go around between 2014-2016, she decided that something needed to change before her kidneys took a shit, or her eyes followed suit.

Surfing Facebook one day, desperate for help, Jenny came across We Are Diabetes.  Asha was just the person Jenny needed. She listened and understood the struggles unique to Type 1 and eating disorders. 

Recovery was not pretty by any means, and there were MANY times Jenny was ready to throw in the towel. Thankfully, she was able to hang on by the tip of her fingers, and has been in solid recovery for over two years.

Jenny does not suffer fools, and has a strong bullshit meter. She spends her free time listening to the grumblings of her geriatric dog.

Natalie M.

More About Natalie

Natalie was diagnosed with T1D at age ten. She struggled with diabulimia in her teens but has now been in recovery for over eight years. She wants to help others in their recovery process and let them know that they are not alone.

Natalie majored in psychology and minored in dietetics while attending Indiana State University. She hopes to use her experience and knowledge to further her education in a diabetes related field.

In her free time Natalie loves to spend time outside and has recently discovered a love for solo travelling. She also enjoys creating art and spending time with her golden retriever. In the past few years, Natalie has begun to use her voice for advocacy in the diabetes community.

Luke S.

More About Luke

Luke was diagnosed with T1D at age twelve. He spent his teenage years playing lots of sports and staying very active while trying to keep his blood sugar numbers in check. The pressure and anxiety each time visiting the doctor and waiting for that sacred A1c level was very real for him. Luke has continued to stay active as an adult with intramural sports, weight lifting and cardio exercises.


Luke studied aerospace engineering in college and now works at NASA in the field of structural dynamics. He is married and has three beautiful (and crazy) children (6 year old son and twin 4 year old daughters). As a father, Luke quickly realized that diabetes doesn’t just affect him, but also his family and those around him. He dealt with a severe low blood sugar episode when he was with his son, who was 8 month at the time, that really changed his mindset. Since then Luke has switched to using a CGM and semi-closed loop insulin pump as well as focusing more on his own health. He has also found a passion for helping others dealing with T1D and is excited to become more involved in the community.

Melissa F.

More About Melissa

Since her T1D diagnosis at age ten, Melissa has been passionate about connecting with people affected by T1D. In college, Melissa established a Students With Diabetes chapter and centered her honors thesis around the positive outcomes of T1D peer support. Melissa worked for JDRF as an outreach coordinator, supporting newly diagnosed families. She is currently working toward pursuing a master’s degree in Counseling with the hopes of treating individuals and families affected by T1D.


Throughout most of her T1D journey, Melissa struggled with disordered eating thoughts and behaviors. After adopting an intuitive eating/living mindest four years ago, she has overcome many obstacles and is excited to help others accomplish their goals as well.


Melissa currently lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and their dog, Archie. She enjoys rock climbing, making macrame, and listening to 70’s music. Her approach to living a full life with T1D is having a “warrior mentality” and seeing each challenge as an opportunity to become stronger.

Natalie S.

More About Natalie

Natalie was diagnosed with Type 1 at the age of 5 and struggled with Diabulima in her early teens and into her early 20’s. Natalie has been in recovery now for 6 years and is determined to help other who are going through the recovery process so they can change their perspective around themselves, food, and chronic illness.


Natalie has really been through a lot in her own recovery process from losing her eyesight and developing complications such as Gastroparesis, neuropathy and kidney disease to being able to heal her relationship with diabetes and have a beautiful 3 year old son and family.


In her free time, other than doing mom/family stuff, you can find Natalie sipping on Coke Zero or Diet Dr Pepper while creating Diabulima Recovery content on Instagram and TikTok, or you can catch her watching trashy reality television on Bravo or TLC.

Cynthia C.

More About Cynthia

Cynthia was diagnosed with T1D at age 19. She quickly fell into the depths of diabulima almost immediately after diagnosis. For nearly two decades, she struggled alone until finally realizing that diabulima was not a dragon she could slay alone. Her journey to health was not without support from both inside and outside the diabetes community. Cynthia is committed to helping others impacted by diabetes to live their best life.


Cynthia holds a master’s degree in education as well as degrees in both Spanish and French. She has spent her professional career as a teacher, educational consultant and has held several roles in the diabetes space. Currently she is absorbed in her most challenging role to date, raising her beautiful toddler.


Cynthia loves to spend time with her husband and daughter, exploring new places, enjoying tasty food and being grateful for all the beautiful things!

Karyn R.

More About Karyn

Karyn was diagnosed with LADA (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults) at the age of 27. She had been suffering from disordered eating throughout her life, already. The diabetes exacerbated her eating disorder immensely, for years. Until she finally sought help in 2015 after feeling completely hopeless for years. Karyn made a tremendous recovery and now has a heart to help anyone suffering with an eating disorder.


Karyn lives with her family in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. She has a husband and two daughters. She works as a Paramedic for the provincial ambulance service. Karyn loves spending time with her family and two little dogs. Karyn and her family spend a lot of time on the slopes in winter. In summer, they can be found enjoying the Shuswap River and nearby lakes.

Karyn wants to be a voice in the ED-DMT1 world to help others realize that they are never alone and to spread healthy awareness.

Angie L.

More About Angie

Angie was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was almost 11 years old. During her teens she lived between two extremes: restriction (out of the fear of not getting “perfect” glucose levels and weight gain) and not taking care of herself at all. After years of this battle, Angie had finally had enough!


Her recovery is rooted in therapy and determination. After years of trial and error, reflecting on her mindset towards herself and her diabetes, Angie realized that life is a constant learning process; and she needs to be mentally and emotionally flexible to evolve.


Angie holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and earned a diploma as a diabetes educator in México. She has been living in California for 2 years with her husband and her two lovely cats. She volunteers with other nonprofit organizations, loves to read, learn new things, lift weights, take walks and work on her personal projects and pet her furry babies.


Angie is inspired by her favorite quote from Viktor Frankl: “When we can no longer change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

Betsy C.

More About Betsy

Betsy was diagnosed with T1D at age twelve and is the only person in her twelve-member family with diabetes. She remembers the pressure on herself to have “perfect” blood sugars after her diagnosis and how deeply she internalized the “bad” numbers through middle and high school. Betsy compensated for her “failures” by participating in as many extracurricular activities as possible, going on to dance collegiately while studying broadcast communication.

Betsy worked professionally as a journalist in Salt Lake City and has been in recovery since 2014. She is married, has a beautiful three and a half year old daughter, and is the newest coach of a nationally ranked high school dance program in the Midwest. Betsy loves The Office, Diet Coke, and living life in recovery!

Lisa S.

More About Lisa

Lisa was diagnosed with T1D at six years old. Her determination to not be defined by her struggles with the psychological impact of diabetes are what initially encouraged her to pursue a career in the diabetes space. Lisa is now a Research Coordinator at the Barbara Davis Diabetes Center — a dream job! After graduating from Columbia University with a Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology, she relocated to Denver. Her thesis — on the co-morbid relationships of depressive symptoms and disordered eating in T1D youth — was inspired by her own struggles, and is what led her to become involved in We Are Diabetes’s amazing work.

Lisa has also interned at JDRF in immunology research, and interned at Novo Nordisk while attaining her BA in Economics at the University of Pennsylvania. Lisa loves any and all opportunities to help others with T1D; implementing her own T1D experience to help others is empowering and helps her stay positive about diabetes. In her free time, Lisa is a gym rat and enjoys exploring the gorgeous state of Colorado.

Noor A.

More About Noor

Noor was diagnosed with T1D when she was six years old. In early adulthood she silently struggled with diabulimia for many years until realizing she wanted more than a life of simply existing; she wanted to LIVE! Noor has been living in recovery for over twelve years and is now mother to two beautiful twin boys.

Noor loves to spend her free time powerlifting, cooking and dancing. She is well known for her work in the T1D nonprofit world and is currently in school working on her nursing degree.

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