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Recovery Coaching

Recovering from an eating disorder with type 1 diabetes is extremely difficult. Dealing with urges, overcoming setbacks, facing your fears with diabetes management, adjusting to a new body image; all of these can feel overwhelming. We Are Diabetes is committed to coaching you through these challenges! Through weekly coaching sessions (via phone and/or video chat) participants will work with Executive Director Asha Brown to set goals, push through limiting beliefs, and discover self-compassion. 


With Recovery Coaching you can:

  • Build a life for yourself beyond your eating disorder.
  • Troubleshoot obstacles toward recovery.
  • Learn to integrate diabetes management back into your life.
  • Redirect the energy you’ve focused on your eating disorder into your recovery instead.
  • Stay on track with your commitment to recovery.
  • Repair your relationship with your body and make peace with food.
  • Create meaning and purpose in your life to feel inspired, motivated, and alive!


Recovery Coaching Services:

This Program is available to any persons (aged 14 and older) living with type 1 diabetes who is working towards (or is in early stages of) recovery from an eating disorder. Participants are matched with one of our trained WAD Mentors and will work with their mentor through preferred forms of communication (phone, text, video chat) on a weekly basis.

The WAD Mentorship program reduces the sense of isolation many experience in their day-to-day management of their chronic illness and their eating disorder recovery.

Engaging in peer support allows people living with type 1 diabetes to exchange personal experiences and receive emotional support. We have also found it to be an integral part to a full and lasting recovery from ED-DMT1.

Multiple studies suggest that peer support engagement can be an important factor in better overall diabetes management, self-care and a higher quality of life. Our friends at ADCES offer some wonderful insight to the importance of peer support and have a great list of diabetes peer support communities.

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