Meal Support

Having someone who "gets it" while eating can help to reduce the anxiety and stress associated with meal times. It can also help to prevent feelings of isolation and loneliness. We Are Diabetes Meal Support allows you to focus on receiving the vital nutrition needed to make a full recovery and provides you with the emotional support needed or order to keep moving forward!

With Meal Support sessions you can:

  • Decrease anxiety around eating and mealtimes.
  • Stay accountable to your agreed meal plan.
  • Stay accountable with your insulin dosing.
  • Work through food rules.
  • Challenge food fears.
  • Stay on track with your recovery goals.
  • Make eating enjoyable in the company of someone, rather than doing it alone.

Cost of Services:

  • Required: Initial 60-minute session to discuss participants needs and goals, $100
  • Five continuous weekdays of Meal Support sessions (one session per day), $300
  • Five continuous weekdays of Meal Support sessions (two sessions per day), $550

Meal Support sessions are currently available for breakfast and lunch between the hours of 6am and 2pm, Central Time, Monday through Friday. Alumni participants who have completed the Recovery Coaching Intensive Program are eligible for discounted rates on the services listed above.