We Are Diabetes Recovery Coaching


You have too much potential to be a victim of your eating disorder.
You were created for MORE.


Recovering from an eating disorder with type 1 diabetes is extremely difficult. Dealing with urges, overcoming setbacks, facing your fears with diabetes management, adjusting to a new body image; all of these can feel overwhelming. We Are Diabetes is committed to coaching you through these challenges! Through weekly coaching sessions (via phone and/or video chat) participants will work with Executive Director Asha Brown to set goals, push through limiting beliefs, and discover self-compassion. 


With Recovery Coaching you can:

  • Build a life for yourself beyond your eating disorder.
  • Troubleshoot obstacles toward recovery.
  • Learn to integrate diabetes management back into your life.
  • Redirect the energy you've focused on your eating disorder into your recovery instead.
  • Stay on track with your commitment to recovery.
  • Repair your relationship with your body and make peace with food.
  • Create meaning and purpose in your life to feel inspired, motivated, and alive!


Recovery Coaching Services:


As a registered dietitian-nutritionist and certified diabetes educator, I have been in search of an organization which is devoted to people who suffer with the complex issues associated with eating disorders and diabetes. My search lead me to the incredible and unstoppable Asha Brown. Asha and her organization "We Are Diabetes" are the primary resource for people of all ages suffering from this eating disorder. Asha is a true visionary. I recommend We Are Diabetes to my professional colleagues and as well as to clients and their loved ones.

-Susan Weiner MS, RDN, CDE, CDN


Disclaimer: Coaching is different from therapy and is not a substitute for clinical treatment. However, it can be a great addition to therapy or a next-step in your healing. If you are actively struggling with an eating disorder, it's required that you are also meeting with a therapist, an endocrinologist, and if needed, a psychiatrist. We Are Diabetes will be happy to help if you need assistance in finding a therapist.