Treatment Affiliates

Melrose Center

St. Louis Park, Minnesota -- Melrose Center is a leader in providing specialized care for people with an eating disorder and type 1 diabetes (ED-DMT1). Their staff understands the complexity of this dual diagnosis and their expert team of psychologists, dietitians, nurses, and other specialists are highly experienced with both issues. Melrose works in partnership with the International Diabetes Center and Park Nicollet Endocrinology to coordinate care. 

Patients in the type 1 diabetes program at Melrose participate in all regular programming as well as several additional groups for those with diabetes. 

The diabetes education group is led by a certified diabetes educator (CDE) who helps patients learn more about diabetes while practicing healthy skills with their peers. 

Individual appointments with the highly experienced multidisciplinary team of psychologists, dietitians, doctors, nurses and other specialists who understand the complexity of this dual diagnosis provide diabetes care, education and emotional support. 

Phone: (952) 993-6200


Center for Change

Orem, Utah -- Center for Change is committed to helping type one diabetic women and adolescent girls break free and fully recover from their eating disorders. This wonderful facility is fully capable in the treatment of ED-DMT1 and have had years of experience with the type one diabetic population. Center for Change believes that each patient deserves an opportunity to have a "fresh start" with the treatment of their diabetes. Safety, acceptance of their diabetes diagnosis, and independence are core principles that are addressed and monitored throughout their treatment stay. The care team for a T1D patient includes regular visits with an Endocrinologist, CDE, Psychiatrist, and Dietitian. All of the Center for Change staff is educated, trained and qualified to aid in the complete care and treatment of each individual patient who is suffering with the dual diagnosis of type one diabetes and an eating disorder.

Phone: (888) 224-8250


Eating Recovery Center

Denver, Colorado -- A licensed, Joint Commission-accredited behavioral hospital, Eating Recovery Center was founded by a team of leading experts whose goal was to fuse evidence-based findings and innovation to create a center of excellence for the treatment of eating disorders. This facility offers the full spectrum of eating disorders treatment services for female and male adults, adolescents and children, including Inpatient, Residential, Partial Hospitalization and Outpatient programs.

When it comes to lasting recovery for you, your loved one or your patient, the expertise of the treatment team is of critical importance. Eating Recovery Center brings together a team of compassionate experts with robust experience in assessment of and intervention for eating disorders that recognize that the true challenge to sustainable recovery occurs outside the treatment environment and following discharge. As a result, Eating Recovery Center's treatment philosophy is rooted in not only individualized assessment and clinical intervention for eating disorders, but also aftercare planning. The multidisciplinary treatment team collaborates with patients, families and outpatient professionals to develop a post-discharge plan of care that addresses each patient's distinctive medical, psychological and situational challenges to protect their recovery.

In addition to its comprehensive, Denver-based treatment programs offering the full spectrum of eating disorders care, Eating Recovery Center provides centers of excellence for the treatment of eating disorders across the country. Sacramento-based Eating Recovery Center of California offers Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient Services, as well as Outpatient Services in Fresno, and The Moore Center offers Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient and Step-Down Services in Bellevue, Washington.

Phone: (877) 825-8584


The Renfrew Center

19 Locations, United States -- The Renfrew Center has been the pioneer in the treatment of eating disorders since 1985. As the nation's first residential eating disorder facility, with 19 locations throughout the country, Renfrew has helped more than 85,000 adolescent girls and women with eating disorders move towards recovery. Renfrew provides adolescent girls and women suffering from anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and related mental health problems with the tools they need to succeed in recovery and in life.

Renfrew's extensive range of services includes residential, day treatment, intensive outpatient, and outpatient programs. Each treatment level is built upon The Renfrew Center Unified Treatment Model for Eating Disorders ®, an evidence-based, emotion-focused therapy that addresses eating disorders and co-morbid symptoms. Within this model, individual and group therapy are enhanced with a diverse array of services to meet patients' needs. Additionally, The Renfrew Center has integrated a Diabetes Program into its treatment model. The program has been established to provide treatment to patients with the dual diagnosis of diabetes and an eating disorder. The Renfrew Center Diabetes Program is based on the American Diabetes Association and incorporates medical and nutritional management of diabetes while addressing and exploring the underlying psychological aspects of the eating disorder. Through exposure activities and coordinated individual, group and family therapies, patients will gain the skills and confidence to address emotional factors that contribute to their eating disorder and diabetes management.

Renfrew accepts most major insurances and is a preferred provider for all levels of treatment. For additional information about The Renfrew Center's programs and services, please visit or call 1-800-RENFREW.

Phone: 1-800-RENFREW