Choosing Your Care Team

It’s not always easy to find health care providers who have experience with the T1D population, and even though it’s nice to work with a provider that “gets it,” it’s ok if a provider doesn’t have a
lot of previous experience. The most important thing is that the providers you choose to work with are WILLING to learn about the complexity of T1D and how it plays  a role in your eating disorder.  

It’s important to find providers who can work with you in a collaborative and nonjudgmental way, who can follow your pace, and who don’t push you to make changes too quickly. For example, if your current  endocrinologist is not aware that diabetes complications can be related to a rapid drop in A1C, then it might be time to “endo shop” to find one who understands that you need to move at a more gradual pace, both for your physical and emotional health. 

Another example is if you find a therapist in your area with a lot of experience in eating disorders but doesn’t have direct experience with T1D. Don’t despair! If this therapist is open to doing a little extra “homework” and learning more about the complicated relationship that T1Ds have with food, numbers and control, you’ve found yourself a great addition to your Recovery Care Team. 

The best-case scenario is to find providers willing to COMMUNICATE with the other members of your Recovery Care Team, even if it means they have to reach outside of their clinic system to do so.

Many individuals we’ve worked with have mixed feelings about the idea of seeking inpatient treatment. They may believe that they’re not “sick enough”or they worry that they will feel out of place. Please contact us for support and empathy on these concerns.