The We Are Diabetes Recovery Toolkit was created for any individual working towards recovery from ED-DMT1 (sometimes referred to as "diabulimia"). We've taken note of the most frequently asked questions about recovering from ED-DMT1, and with the help of our contributors, we have addressed those questions here in this free toolkit.

This Recovery Toolkit is here to make your journey to recovery a little clearer. Many have successfully found a full and joyous life after their battle with diabetes and an eating disorder. Their strength and courage are the core inspiration for this project.

Our toolkit is meant to be shared, and to be read over and over again!

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Gary Scheiner

An award-winning Certified Diabetes Educator, Masters-level Exercise Physiologist and person with Type 1 diabetes since 1985, Gary Scheiner has dedicated his professional life to improving the lives of people with insulin-dependent diabetes. In 2014 he was named Diabetes Educator of the Year by the American Association of Diabetes Educators.

Author of:
Think Like a Pancreas
Until There is a Cure
The Ultimate Guide to Accurate Carb Counting
Practical CGM
Get Control of Your Blood Sugar
(for Type 2 patients)

Interview w/ Gary

Daniele Hargenrader

Daniele Hargenrader, aka the Diabetes Dominator, is a Diabetes Coach, Nutritionist, Health, Wellness & Fitness Expert, Bestselling Author, International Speaker, and Certified Personal Trainer. She helps individuals from all walks of life to think, eat, and move in ways that allow them to achieve a quality of health and life they previously thought unattainable.

Author of:
Unleash Your Inner Diabetes Dominator

Interview w/ Daniele

Susan Weiner

Susan Weiner is an award-winning Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator and published author. Her Masters Degree in Applied Physiology and Nutrition from Columbia University in New York has afforded her the opportunity to practice as a nutritionist and exercise physiologist.

Author of:
Diabetes: 365 Tips for Living Well
The Complete Diabetes Organizer: Your Guide to a Less Stressful and More Manageable Diabetes Life

Interview w/ Susan

Leann Harris

Leann is a Diabetes Coach that works with people who are looking for help in managing their diabetes. She is Positive Psychology Coaching certified, ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified, and is also certified in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Author of:
5 Tips to Tackle Anxiety in Diabetes (Article)
7 Steps to Self-Compassion with Diabetes (Article)

Interview w/ Leann

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